“Every donation supports our patients through their journey”
– Tony Bertin, Deputy Chairman of Rebuild

Like many charities, Rebuild’s income is almost entirely dependent on donations.
It also relies greatly on the fundraising activities of the Rebuild community, made up of former patients, their families and well-wishers, and KCH Limb Reconstruction Unit staff, to raise much needed funds to achieve its aims.
All Trustees give their time voluntarily. Wherever possible it is the policy of the charity to use volunteers for the supply of services and the running of the organisation, so as to maximise funds available for helping patients and ex-patients.
Even the smallest donation can make a difference to our patients. This is what we can do with the money that we raise:
prints for fundraising event
pays for one Cognittive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) session for a patient
buys a pair of orthopaedic shoes for a patient who needs modified footwear
Our focus for 2017 is to be able to provide orthopaedic shoes for a number of patients whose recovery would be greatly enhanced by having modified footwear.

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In addition to a number of annual fundraising events by our dedicated supporters, including the Thames Path Challenge and classical concerts, we are always looking for ways to raise more money for the charity.

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We are currently working with the Guild of Master Craftsmen Orthotics to help our patients with modified footwear where it is beneficial.

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Please give generously to support our limb reconstruction patients...

Remember that if you are a UK tax payer and you Gift Aid your donation to us, we receive an extra 25%.

If you’d like to fundraise for us, please click the link, complete the form and we will make contact.